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Club & Organizations

American Archangel Club Website for the American Archangel Club
American Flying Tumbler Club Club information, breed history, breeder contacts, written standard and photos
American Frillback Club A club devoted to the promotion of Frillbacks and their breeders
Australian Domestic Show Flight Club A specialist club site, history of club, links, breed standard and photo gallery
Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association Inc. Canada`s national pigeon organization

Florentine Club - Florentine Club - in German

Flying Tippler Flying Tippler

Founder/Junior Coordinator  - A junior club for all juniors regardless of where they live.

Glasgow Feather Club - Photos, standards, articles, genetics, art...

International Bokhara Trumpeter Club - The IBTC is an international club dedicated to, and promoting, the Bokhara Trumpeter.

International English Short Faced Tumbler Society - This website is to promote the English Short Faced Tumbler and the fanciers around the world that breed them. The site has links to ESFT fanciers around the world and contains much information to help ESFT fanciers. Lots of photos and other information. It is the goal of this site to create friendships between ESFT fanciers around the globe.

National French Mondain Association - Dedicated To Acquaint You With "THE MASTER BREED" Mondains are a super-structured breed of which size and shortness are closely coupled with thoroughbred refinement. This unique blend of muscle & style commands attention

National Russian Tumbler Club - Russian Tumbler history, standard, club information, membership application, band order form and lots of photos of the most beautiful pigeon breed.

National Swiss Mondaine Club - Devoted to Showing & breeding the Swiss Mondaine. Colors & Whites. You've tried the rest, Now try the BEST

Old German Owl Club - Homepage for the Old German Owl Club

Rare Variety Pigeon Society - Yahoo Group - An online Yahoo society for Rare Breeds Pigeon Fanciers, and NO DUES ! ! ! Welcome to the online Rare Variety Pigeon Society. If you are interested in the preservation of rare and obscure breeds of Domestic Pigeons, this is the club for you.

Texas Pigeon Association All Breed Club - Please visit our page: full color photos of many breeds, membership list, upcoming events and show reports.

The Classic Breeds Pigeon Club - An NPA Affiliated Club sponsoring these breeds Antwerps (all), Barbs (All) English Show Homers, Exhibition Homers, Genuine Homers, Magpies, and Scandaroons

The First American "Serbian Highflier Club" - Members lofts, fly records, buy and sale pigeons, member list,

The local Pigeon Club from Germany - The local Pigeon Club from East Germany

U.O.R.A. (United Oriental Roller Association) Homepage  - The United Oriental Roller Association is celebrating its 20th year of service to the hobby in 2001. Come see the birds.

Victorian English Long Faced Tumbler Club - A new Specialist Club devoted to the promotion of English Long faced Tumblers in both Clean Legged and Muffed


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Fancy Pigeons

Beautiful Show Pigeons from Europe - Fancy Pigeons: Komorner Tumblers, Double Tufted, Barbs and much more.

Broadwing Lofts Australia - Breeder of Domestic Show Flights and English Long Faced Muffed Tumblers

Fancy Pigeon Breeder from Pakistan - I have some 60 breeding pairs of fantails, Indian fantails, swallow, lahores, frillback, Jacobins and pouters; I have all the above mentioned breeds in different colors and types. You may contact me on my mobile no. 0300-4498002.

First OriŽnt Roller website from Holland - First OriŽnt Roller website from holland master breeder 2002

Helmets - Personal webpage devoted to the Helmet pigeon. Linked to the Yahoo helmet web group.

Lahores, Swallows, Larks  - Quality Lahores,black/lavender. Nurnburg Lark,chequer. Thuringan Swallow, bluebarless, crest. Mookee, lavender, isabella. G.B.Homer

Lebanons in all colours and more - Lebanons in all colours and more

Loft Johan Heylen - Website of a Belgian long distance fancier. First price winner on Orange 2004 (805km). Breeders include direct Piet Lazeroms (Jan Aarden).

Owner of Pro Star Loft - Breeding Fancy Pigeons toward today's Standard's, I raise Saddle Homers, Show Type Homers, German Beauty Homers, Modenas and West of England Tumblers. I have been involved in pigeons since 10 years old and enjoy raising and showing my birds.

Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club - Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club, catering for Fancy and Flying Breeds.

Pomeranian Pouter - Pomeranian pouter, show Jacobins, kings and chickens Show Brahmas

President, Western Cape Fancy Pigeon Club. South Africa Cape Town - For the love and care of all breeds of fancy pigeons in Cape Town South Africa

Racing Pigeon News - The best racing pigeon news page

Revo Lofts English Short Face Tumblers - Breeder of English Short Face Tumblers

Scott Brown's Modena's - Personal Website for Scott Brown's Modena pigeons

Shogan Lofts  - A junior fanciers site devoted to the English Trumpeter

Show Rollers @ Loft One - Bald Head Show Rollers

Tanveer Lofts - Fancy pigeons in India - A fancy pigeon page from India, includes photos of many fancy pigeon breeds.

TGYB - Turkish Pigeon Site

The World Of Helmets - The best Helmet pigeon site on the net. Featuring Info & pictures from the top Helmet breeders in America and Canada.

Welcome To Muneer & Noushad Loft -Fancy pigeon from India - Hello and Welcome, My name is Muneer. I am from India, Kerala. My passion for fancy pigeons started at the age of 10. My very first pigeons were a pair of white Racing pigeon. Later I kept Indian fantail, pouter and Lahore. And as time passed I started adding other fancy breeds. At present I have a good collection of pigeons in my loft. They are Indian Fantail, English Pouter, Capuchine, Lahore, English trumpetre and Pomarenian pouter etc... Hello and Welcome, My name is Noushad. I am from India, Kerala. My passion for fancy pigeons started at the age of 15. My very first pigeons were a pair of Red Homing pigeon. Later I kept English pouter ,and King Pigeon. And as time passed I started adding other fancy breeds. At present I have a good collection of pigeons in my loft.They are Indian Fantail, American Fantail, Capuchine, Lahore, Jacobin Pigeon, Old Hollend Pouter ,English trumpetre and Pomarenian pouter ,etc...


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Flying & Performance Pigeons

Old Egyptian Pigeon Club - The standards of all Egyptian pigeon breeds

AZAD LOFT - For those who really love the pigeons. This site is not for people who do not want to ADMIT the truth that's out there. No BS "HOW TO" articles. Just what a newcomer goes through in this hobby, his experience in his own words. The pictures on this site are truly breathtaking too.

Belle Mead Tumblers - Tony Vanzino's Iranian High Flying Tumblers


Budapest Highflier - All about the Budapest Highflier. standard, results, pictures, breeders and more

Bulgarian high flying pigeons - Bulgarian high flying pigeons; Method for breeding; Photo gallery; English version;

Des Moore's Pigeon Domain - A site that has an interest to all pigeon fanciers it includes loft profiles, articles humour and a lot of top links and information pages, I race show and judge pigeons, I also exchange pigeon rings so if you have any to exchange get in touch with me

EZ Rollers  Fun lovin' roller enthusiasts located in the California central valley.

First Birds' Inn - FBI - Looking at the humor in racing pigeons. Posting race results for the North Texas Concourse, and showing "Live Race Results" and introducing Pigeon Radio and Pigeon GPS tracking system.

Flying tiplers - Breeding, Training, and flying tipplers

HAWKBAIT LOFTS - racing pigeon web site with lots of pics and information on the racing homing pigeon.


Iran-Tehran Highflying Tumblers - There are lots of information about this great breed. There is also a classified section.

Iranian Highflying Tumblers - Information on Iranian Highflying Tumblers.
Iranian Highflying Tumblers - Everything you need to know about this great breed.
Iranian Pigeon enthusiast - A Homepage for Iranian High flyer with lots of pictures and info.
King Tut Loft - Promoting the Swifts of Ancient Egypt in the West. Our loft fly and race this breed in San Diego California from the best imports of Egypt. We have made a one hour documentary video that included their races and how they fare against Birds of Prey in California.

La Jabalcuza - Buchones EspaŮoles - This is the best page you can find about Spanish pouters. Hope you enjoy it. Best regards. Tomas.

Loft One - Directory to all Loft One Pigeon sites

nederlandse helmduiven/dutch helmet pigeon's - its about one off 13 Dutch pigeon's

North Road Loft - Mainly devoted to racing homers, but I have Miniature American Crests, Shakhsharli, and Indian Mondaines.

oriental and central asiatic roller loft - lots of photos of oriental rollers and central Asiatic rollers


ryanstipplers - a website about tippler pigeons; tippler lofts; and past and present legends of the tippler world.

Schaschkow long distance pigeons - Information about our long distance pigeons : results, lofts, breeders, pedigrees

SPITFIRES - Breeder of Greek Vutas (diving pigeons)and performing rolers

The Dewlap Pigeon Loft - Descriptions and photos of Dewlaps and Lebanons. The flying beauties of southern Turkey and the Middle East.

UKRAINIAN SKYCUTTERS - HIGH FLYERS OF UKRAIN, Pictures and more of Nicolaev, Melitopol and Ochakov Pigeons from NJ, Canada and Brooklyn (NY) Lofts

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