Beginners Guide To Comcast Email

Comcast Corporation is the biggest mass media and communication company in the world. Its internet services and telephone services are quite popular in the United States. Among the many services provided by Comcast, many users in the United States use its email services. If you want to experience the world-class email services provided by Comcast, but don’t know how to configure this service on your Windows computer, then you need to follow certain steps to configure it properly. You can ask for assistance from comcast email login technical support or follow these instructions.

Beginner’s guide to Comcast Emails

How to access

contact emailYou can access your Comcast email account via email programs that have been installed on your Windows computer. After configuring, you can access your account on your web browsers as well. If you are not sure about which program to use, then you can search on your computer to see the email program installed in your system or consult with Comcast email support experts. Here are the steps to configure Comcast email using two major email programs on your computer system.

Windows Mail

Here are the easy to understand instructions to configure our Comcast account. Go to All Programs from the Start Menu and then click on Windows Mail to open it. On the menu bar, you will see Tools option, click on it and select Accounts.Then Click on Add after choosing your account and click on Next for display name field.

On the Display Name field, type your desired name for your email address.Then from the email address field, type your address and click Next to continue to Type in the Internet Server Field and the Outgoing Server Field option, click on

After creating your Comcast username in the Account field and password in the password box, You can check the Remember Password option if you want your computer to remember it. Avoid this if you are using a public computer or if anybody else can access your system. Click on Finish. Your account has been configured.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live MailSet your Comcast email account on Windows Live Mail with the help of following instructions: Open your Windows Live Mail and go to Account Menu. Click on add sign to add an account.Type email address, password and the display name for your account.

Don’t forget to Put a checkbox on ‘manually configure server settings.’ Click on Next to continue On the server address, type in the incoming server and on the outgoing server.

In the Incoming server information, check on ‘Require a secure connection (SSL)’ and ‘Requires authentication code.’ On Outgoing server information, enter 465 in the port field. Click on Next to finish the configuration process.