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What Mobile Data Collection Apps Bring to Your Business

Advancements in mobile phone technology have transformed almost every sphere of life. For instance, smartphones have been proven to be an invaluable resource in data collection. However, you need to have a mobile data collection app. Using a smartphone for data collection comes with its unique set of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using smartphone data collection apps.

Advantages of mobile data collection apps


Different surveys have different data sets or needs. Some need raw data mobile data collection appsinform on numbers, pictures, audio or video formats. With a smartphone, one can conveniently use it to capture or get all sorts of data. As such, with the right data collection app, you no longer have to carry bulky manuals and data collection equipment. Since smartphones are pocket sized, one can use them for data collection in all sorts of environment.


The use of paper during survey requires one to transfer the data collected to digital format for analysis. As such, use of data collection apps takes care of possibilities of making errors during analysis. Moreover, with a dependable data collection app, you also get a chance of identifying any errors with the collected data before analysis.

Fast analysis

Normally, it takes some time to process data to make it ready for analysis. With mobile data collection apps, you no longer need to waste your valuable time collecting data and transferring it for analysis. With a data collection app, you can start your study as soon as you are done collecting it. As such, the speed of collecting and analyzing data increases your productivity as well as that of external actors.

mobile data collection appsEngaging and efficient data collection

Instead of someone filling in questionnaires, mobile phone data collections offer you an efficient two-way flow of digital communication. As such, the interactive approach makes data collected using smartphones not only secure but also verifiable.

Thus, smartphone data collection techniques are superior to traditional data collection methods. Use of mobile apps goes a long way in cutting down survey costs and errors during data analysis for accurate results. Moreover, considering that smartphones have become affordable today and are simple to use, one does not need special training to use them. Thus, the gains of using smartphones in data collection are many. However, for maximum benefits, you also need to have a dependable data collection app.


Mobogenie Marketplace: App That’s Smarter Than Smartphone

Mobogenie is a super-effective Android manager software which can be installed on any computer that has Windows operating system. It provides a compact solution for managing Android smartphones and allows the users to execute various useful errands and tasks from our desktop or laptop. The top five features of Mobogenie are as follows:

 The app

GamesIt is free to download mobogenie and is the most loved utility amongst Android users. Many users rely on Mobogenie to manage their files both on their computers and laptops. When a user downloads and sets up Mobogenie to his computer, it simplifies the document transfer and makes the messaging service of your phone very easy and exciting.

Another of the most redeeming and appealing features in this forever changing Android world is the backup and restore facility. While most of the smartphone companies have their own versions pre-installed in the phone, any mobile management application is incomplete without this property.

It backs up almost everything from contacts, messages, application, music, images to videos. The mobile management category offers the options to manage contacts, messages, apps, songs, images and videos. Not only does it allow access but it also helps to add, edit or delete contacts.


Apart from the common features, it also provides the option to download apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and YouTube videos. There are plenty of apps and games for the users’ age and choice. Those are smartly categorized under two themes: Popular and Editor’s Choice. All the users need to do is to click on the Install button and the app will be downloaded.

It also has an extensive collection of wallpapers and ringtones, and they can be stored very easily on the phone with only a click of a button.

Google store

The Mobogenie app allows the users to browse through Google store to find useful apps for the phone. Without the headache of browsing, reviewing and going through the tedious task of filtering the best from the worst, the Mobogenie app lets the users locate and download their favorite apps and video games in the smartphone with extreme ease.

A number of popular and well-known Android games are directly available at Mobogenie, and the users can download those games using the app. Similarly, the phone lets the users access and deal with their stored files and contacts effortlessly.

mouseSo along with enjoying a smooth experience, Mobogenie computer version, and Mobogenie Android app gives the users the power and freedom to manage their documents in whichever way they prefer.