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Why You Need a Website

Ten years ago, having a website seems like a luxury. It was relatively new to those that do not understand information technology. Not to mention that it was expensive as well. But living in 2017, there is no excuse to why you can’t have a website. You don’t have to own a company to use this internet platform and make your site if you want to be successful in whatever you do and keep up to date with the trend you need to have one.

It’s cheap

cashThere are many ways you can build a website, either you hire someone to do it, or you can learn to do it yourself. It may take some of your time, but it is a useful skill that you can use to sell a service to make websites. A great tip is to find a website name for you first and use a coupon code to get a discount on your domain. After that, you can start building the site using your preferred way.

Easy to do

Today, making a website does not require an IT degree. Even a stay at home mom can do it as long the will to learn is there. Many courses offer to teach you on how to make a website, and a lot of platforms let you create and customize the site with a monthly subscription to their website builder. Whatever way it is that you want to go with according to your need is available.

It gives you more value

group of friendsAs a customer and as a person who lives in this internet era, you would feel that someone or a company is more professional and serious about their business if they have a website. Even a restaurant or a small cafe can improve their branding with having one. The value of having a site is one of the leading reason why you need a website no matter what you do.

Use it for many things

laptopYou don’t have to own a business because a website can be used to promote an event, or even for personal branding. There are many ways that you can use a site for any project that requires you to do marketing for example or any event that needs organizing. If you want to make a seminar or a conference you can build it to let people register and see all the information in one place.

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Important Factors to Consider When Building a Website

Numerous considerations should be made when designing another website. The structure is critical however is just a single part of the entire thing.


The utilization of space is a key element when designing a website. You ought to attempt to make the site to fill most of the space additionally have the capacity to change itself when the client resizes the screen. Screen resolution is likewise vital to think about.building a website

You’ll find most PCs nowadays utilize a widescreen screen instead of the dated 640 x 480 resolution. It causes issues if you are building your site on a widescreen screen as other individuals won’t have a similar resolution screen.


Colors are helpful for separating different segments of a website. For instance, a common strategy for laying out the page is to have the information on one shading on the inside and whatever is left of the page set to a specific foundation shading.

This strategy is valuable as the main substance remains the focal point of the page as the window is resized. So as far as different resolutions, a bigger screen will demonstrate more foundation shading and a littler one less.

Aligning images

A common error in site design is not aligning images properly. It isn’t uncommon to see images set in sketchy positions on the page with text wrapped round them in an incorrect organization.

The tag is utilized to code images onto the page yet left as it is the text will wrap from the base of the picture. The adjust ascribe can be utilized to implant images within the text making the format all the more tastefully pleasing.

Balance of graphics and text

A good balance of graphics and text is vital to a good website. Overpopulating the page with pictures can make the site difficult to peruse. Be careful that the photos are a piece of the design too while determining the format of the page. As you design, your site thinks about where you are putting them.

Text width

The text width is another region to consider. It is known as the output length and is the most extreme measure of words showed per line on the page. The greater part of individuals finds 7-11 words an agreeable sum. Any more extended than this and it gets to be difficult to peruse, any less and text looks disjointed.

building a websiteThe text is a fundamental part of any website so keep in the text in line as you construct your page. In spite of the fact that it is tempting to focus all the text, you ought to avoid this. If all the text is focused, it can diminish the intelligibility of the page.

As a final wrap up make a rundown of the most needed activities you need your website guests to perform, and recall that them when designing your site format. If you need to gather their points of interest, you’ll have to guarantee that the shape or a link to the frame hops out at them on the primary page they land on.

If you need your guests to go to a certain page as an aftereffect of visiting your site, you’ll need to guarantee that you’ve included a flag or symbol that takes them to that page.

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