The story of electronic cigarettes goes way back then you can imagine and it is still being researched and written. Electronic cigarettes characterize all beautiful things about the new technology. They come with a lot of conveniences, saves the users huge sums of money and gives the same pleasure obtained from the traditional cigarette and most importantly without problems brought about by smoke.


It comes as a surprise to many that electronic cigarettes have been in existence since 1960’s. Herbert A. Gilbert is the very first person in records to have the thought of an electronic smoking device. He signed a patent for this kind of product in 1963. This was a very good idea at that time, and it shows that Gilbert was fully aware of dangers of tobacco.

Gilbert’s idea

Gilbert’s idea did not succeed until 2003, were things started falling in place because of the improved technology. With technology, it was the right timing for the electronic cigarette idea. A pharmacist and smoker from China called Han Lik decided to develop the idea of electronic cigarettes after his father suffered and died of lung cancer. He introduced a method that made it possible for the smokers to inhale nicotine only without the smoke and other chemicals combined in the cigarette manufacturing. The company he was working for fully supported his idea making it actualize. The Chinese market took the product into the market without hesitation. Han’s success spread all over the world and many nations embraced electronic cigarettes.


In 2007, electronic cigarettes entered the American market. By this time, they were picking very well in the market. The World Health Organization (WHO) decided to become the first international organization to publicize them. They discouraged any discussion that questioned the safety of the electronic cigarette. They spread the good news about it encouraging people to use them because they had no negative side effects.

The support of electronic cigarettes by WHO encouraged positive studies, information and press release about them. Late in 2008, Health New Zealand conducted a study funded by the company Han worked for and showed that there were no harmful chemicals present in them. The study also revealed that the electronic cigarettes were a hundred to a thousand times safer and less dangerous than traditional cigarettes.


In 2009, the war began, and the electronic cigarettes were being fought. Australia and Canada governments were very quick to ban them from their markets, and the US’s FDA stopped the shipment of the electronic cigarettes into the country arguing that this product needed formal registration. The producing companies reacted very fast by filing lawsuits against FDA because they believed in their product. Retailers and manufacturers formed an association to ensure that the legislation regarding the electronic cigarettes will be just.
electronic cigarettesUp to 2013, electronic cigarettes are still making history. A lot of people prefer them and are shifting from the traditional cigarettes. Smokers prefer this alternative smoking technique despite the fight against them in their states. Electronic cigarettes have stood the test of time with more people preferring tobacco and smoke-free smoking.